The March of Diapers

March of Diapers gathers items to support the following charitable organizations:

A typical baby needs 10-12 diapers a day and a toddler needs approximately 8 diapers. At a cost of between $100 and $120 a month, diapers are an expense that many families struggle to meet.

1 in 20 mothers who has had to cut back on other purchases to pay for diapers has reused a disposable diaper.
36% of mothers living in poverty regularly run out of clean diapers for their infants.
Diapers are not covered by social welfare systems like WIC or food stamps because
diapers are considered “hygiene items”.

Families are sometimes forced to use one diaper a day for their babies.
These babies can experience diaper rash, infections, and other health problems.
Babies with severe diaper rashes often cry more – more crying coupled with the stress of living in need can lead to child abuse. Babies who cry excessively are the most likely to be victims of shaken baby syndrome…


Step By Step

Having a baby is an exciting and challenging experience. But, for a woman without the resources she needs, and lacking stability and support in her own life, becoming a mom and caring for a newborn can feel insurmountable.

Step By Step brings hope and health to these vulnerable women by providing the resources and support they need to deliver a healthy baby, embrace positive parenting, and establish a safe home. We help each mom put her best foot forward, encouraging each positive step she takes towards establishing a healthy home for herself and her baby.