Food Support

Covington Storehouse


For more than a decade, the Storehouse has devoted its energy to providing food to families in crisis. It's their prayer and hope that the food they provide would not only nourish the physical body, but also provide encouragement during challenging times. They work together to continue the mercy ministry of Jesus; feeding the hungry and providing comfort to the poor. They take a non-threatning approach: a simple prayer or blessing is offered along with an ear to listen. The heart of their mission is to love our neighbors by responding to their request for food, prayer and referral to other services that are needed, with dignity and respect. Their motto is to "love until they ask why."


Auburn Food Bank


In 1930 a family was burned out of their home and neighbors helped gathered what they would need to restart. At the end of that "project", there was enough left over to help more families, and the Auburn Community Chest was formed. Over the years and with new partnerships the Auburn Food Bank has become a staple in the community, assisting nearly 140 families every day by providing food, referrals, and emergency assistance to those in need.