Senator Fain rated ‘Outstanding’ by Independent Municipal League of King County

Kent Reporter

Senator Joe Fain was recently rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the nonpartisan Municipal League of King County. Fain is the only Republican candidate to receive an ‘Outstanding’ rating both times that he has run for office.

The Municipal League has independently rated the effectiveness of candidates for public office for more than a century. Candidates are rated on their community involvement, effectiveness, character, knowledge of issues, and willingness to learn.

Candidates receive a score on the league’s five tier rating scale of: Unqualified, Adequate, Good, Very Good, Outstanding. Fain was rated three levels higher than his opponent in this year’s election.


According to the Municipal League, an ‘Outstanding’ candidate “Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.”

To be rated, candidates must complete a questionnaire detailing his or her accomplishments and experiences. Community volunteers from around the county then investigate candidates; interviewing co-workers, friends, and even political opponents. It is an exhaustive process that concludes with a lengthy in-person candidate interview before a panel of Municipal League investigators.

Fain’s ‘Outstanding’ Municipal League rating joins a lengthy list of endorsements from other groups representing education advocates, police, firefighters, chambers of commerce, and dozens of local elected officials in communities across the 47th Legislative District.