Outstanding politician and other awards for 2014

The Federal Way Mirror

By Bob Roegner

The “Artful Dodger” award goes to Mark Miloscia for successfully switching to the Republican party after 14 years as a Democrat office holder, and collecting significant Republican financial support, while claiming to be independent to enhance his ability to attract Democratic support. That’s a lot of dodging! By the way, congratulations to Sen.-elect Miloscia.

The John Kerry award titled “He Was Against it Before He Was for it” goes to Mayor Jim Ferrell, who spent eight years winning voters by bashing the Performing Arts and Conference Center as a waste of taxpayer dollars, then within weeks of becoming mayor, switched sides to support it. Although the mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee was a nice touch of window dressing for political cover.

And building on the groundwork established by former Chamber of Commerce CEO Patti Mullen, new CEO Becca Martin wins the “Regional Thinker” award as she moves to establish Federal Way as a regional player on the business front. A new logo, new goals and new creative ideas. Time to get on board.

The award for the “Most Interesting Political Campaign Slogan in Contrast with Reality” goes to Miloscia. He wouldn’t take a position on Initiative 594, which would require background checks on gun purchases at events like gun shows or its opposite Initiative 591. And yet his campaign slogan was “straight talk, no nonsense.”

The “Oops, I’ll Do the Dishes for a Month” award goes to Jack Dovey, who, when confronted with several issues regarding his finances including not paying property taxes, said, “My wife manages our properties, she missed a payment.” In politics, as in life, never blame your wife, and especially not in the newspaper! Fortunately, Jennifer is a very forgiving person.

The “Search for Stability” award  goes to the Federal Way school board. After several years with the same board chair, they went from Tony Moore to Claire Wilson to Danny Peterson to Carol Gregory to Geoffery McAnalloy, in just a matter of months. However, acting Superintendent Sally McLean appears to be trying to clean up several issues from the turmoil under the former superintendent, so that will help.

The award for “Perseverance” goes to Joanne Piquette whose decade-long dream of seeing a Performing Arts and Conference Center built in Federal Way is about to become a reality. Congratulations.

After committing to $32 million for the Performing Arts and Conference Center, building a new park for almost $400,000 and buying the former Target location for $8.2 million, Ferrell can no longer claim he is a fiscal conservative. Now he gets the award as Federal Way’s newest and biggest “Land Baron!”

The award for the most “Confused Politician” goes to City Councilman Martin Moore. He says he is a Democrat, but he has helped manage Republican candidates’ campaigns. In the recent election he was seen standing on a street corner  waving campaign signs for both a Democrat and a Republican candidate. After saying he represents “all” the people, he was seen at two major Republican holiday events. Watch for Moore to switch political parties.

The “Outstanding Politician” award goes to retiring Democratic state Sen. Tracey Eide, whose contributions to improving our region have been unsurpassed and should serve as an example for others to follow. However, Republican state Sen. Joe Fain, R-Auburn, was a contender as he also distinguished himself and is someone to watch for higher office.

We also say goodbye to Roger Freeman, whose premature passing has deprived us of a star in the making. Thanks Roger — we can only dream of what you might have done.

And with appreciative melancholy for two wonderful women, Sonya Freeman and Jennifer Dovey, who conducted themselves with dignity in the face of some very difficult challenges during the recent election cycle, we give our admiration and thanks for your places in our community.