Legislator of the Year

Washington Multi-Family Housing Association

The Washington Multi-Family Housing Association chose state Senator Joe Fain (R-Auburn) as its Legislator of the Year for his outstanding leadership during the 2013 legislative session.

Senator Fain was recognized on Sept. 26 at WMFHA’s annual Washington Apartment Outlook, an industry event which provides economic forecasts and highlights industry trends. The event gathered over 700 professionals from the multi-family housing industry.

“Since joining the legislature, Senator Fain has proven to be a voice for the multi-family housing industry,” said Jay Olson, Board President of WMFHA. “Senator Fain understands the rental housing industry, its market and the day to day decisions we make as providers of housing and as business people.”

Senator Fain serves on the Senate Financial Institutions, Housing and Insurance committee where many of the issues affecting the industry receive testimony and are acted upon. He also serves as the Senate Floor Leader and part of the Senate Majority Caucus Coalition leadership team allowing him to make sure issues of interest to residents and owners are brought to the table and given thoughtful consideration.

“Having Senator Fain on the FIHI committee and as a part of the leadership team brings a perspective and voice to our members that has proven to be helpful.Senator Fain understands that more regulations equal increased rents and fewer developments, especially in these economic times,” said Joe Puckett, WMFHA’s Government Affairs Director. “Senator Fain can articulate the potential effects proposed legislation could have to owners and residents alike because he genuinely understands them.”

Senator Fain also worked to ensure tax on rental income, as well as other tax increases that would hurt families and small businesses were not considered in the 2013-15 budget.

“I am honored to accept this award and thank the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association for its participation in the legislative process,” said Senator Fain. “A stable rental housing market is crucial to keeping housing costs down. Rent is becoming a much larger part of everyone's paycheck. Keeping costs down will help more people have access to safe and stable housing.”